If you want to grow your hair longer but the ends are really damaged and split. Do you have to get it cut?

Great hair needs maintenance and care.  Split ends are going to happen over time no matter what type of product we use in our hair.  So the question is not how to prevent split ends, but what to do with them when we get them!

Unfortunately there are really only two options:

  • You have to trim split ends or
  • You want to grow your hair out

If you wait more than 5 weeks between trims you’ll get bigger split ends and wind up having to cut off more in the long run.  You need to speak with your stylist and make it clear that you want the minimum amount cut off (which should be about a quarter of an inch).  You want  just enough cut off to make your hair look healthy and not change your look.

Although split ends are inevitable there are some things you can do at home to keep your hair strong and to try and delay split ends as long as possible.

Suggestions on keeping hair strong:

  • Use conditioner or mask and shampoo and conditioner formulated for damaged locks.

Styling suggestions to keep you split proof:

  • Never use a plastic bristle brush which frays strands easily. Instead use a wide tooth comb when hair is wet and a natural when dry.
  • If you blow dry use a low heat setting. If you towel dry do it delicately – Vigorous rubbing will ravage ends.

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